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New York mayor votes include Hawks Trae Young, bing bong, in savage troll on Knicks

Trae Young, Hawks, Bing Bong

It has been reported that the New York City mayoral election received write-in votes for Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young and Bing Bong. Only in NYC…

Trae Young is famous for knocking the Knicks out of the first round of the Eastern Conference Finals a season ago. Not only did he do that, but he also went into Philadelphia and did the same thing.

Unfortunately for the Hawks, they have not had the same success this season. They have started to play some better basketball and are 11-10. They have some impressive wins this season including wins over the Boston Celtics, Memphis Grizzlies, Miami Heat, and the world champion Milwaukee Bucks.

Trae Young on the season is averaging 26 points per game and nine assists. He is ranked fifth in points and third in assists throughout the league. Young has been sensational once again for the Hawks. He’s going to look to continue his dominance and take his team back to another Eastern Conference Final.

It is safe to say that Young definitely owns some space inside of New York Knicks fans’ heads. Only in New York City would someone write Trae Young and Bing Bong on a ballot for the Cities Mayor.

The Hawks played the Knicks this season but unfortunately for Atlanta, New York walked away with a win. They will much rather take a win in the playoffs last season over a regular-season win.