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Trae Young looking to break Stephen Curry’s record of 13 3’s in a game

Trae Young, Hawks, Stephen Curry, Warriors

Atlanta Hawks rookie Trae Young has drawn plenty of comparisons to Golden State Warriors sniper Stephen Curry, but the Oklahoma product isn’t looking to live up to the expectation, but rather break through it.

Young has buried a bevy of long-range jumpers during his lone season with the Sooners, but he’s setting his eyes on breaking records once he steps foot in the NBA — going after Curry’s best known record — 13 3-pointers in a game.

 “I would like to break it,” Trae Young said confidently, according to Aaron Dodson of The Undefeated. “I definitely feel like I’m capable of breaking it. But that’s a lot of 3s in a game. I ain’t gonna lie.”

Curry chased that record for the first eight seasons of his NBA career, oddly enough getting to it three days after snapping a career-high 157 straight games with a 3-pointer made.

Having gone 0-for-10 against the Los Angeles Lakers on Nov. 4, 2016, Stephen Curry buried 13 treys against a hapless New Orleans Pelicans team that couldn’t stop the sprinkler system from spraying buckets through every area of the court.

Young hit a season-high 10 trifectas against Texas Christian University in January, but rest assured that NBA defenses will put up much more of a fight, keeping him from fully displaying his long-range antics.

The rookie will also have more minutes to work with than he did in college, as the Hawks freed up the path to make him the starter, after getting rid of Dennis Schroder earlier this summer. Assuming Young sticks in this league long enough, he will sure gets his fair share of tries to beat Curry’s record, especially with the now-normalized three-happy league the NBA has become.