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Video: Hawks’ Trae Young surprises kid at Walmart, helps him pick out school supplies

Trae Young, Hawks, 2019-20 NBA Season

Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks is a point guard with deadly range, a killer crossover, and an eye to making the right pass at the right time. He once again made a move that made the crowd go wild. However, that move didn’t involve a basketball at all.

He uploaded a video on his Twitter account on how he surprised a young fan with his sudden appearance. He then spent the next hour with him to get everything he needed for school.

The kid he helped is called Aaron and was at Walmart when the Atlanta Hawks point guard showed up out of nowhere. The kid was visibly delighted with the surprise. Young promptly bought all his school supplies and uniforms so that he can prepare for school without any worries.

They eventually got to talk ball. Aaron revealed that he was a point guard, and Young asked him to show him his jump shot. With the ball they were going to buy, Aaron showed the Oklahoma product his shot. Young was pleased with the kid’s form.

Ice Trae’s act of goodwill is a great look for him. Of course, a lot of eyes are on him as the runner-up for Rookie of the Year in the 2018-19 season. Seeing him interact with a child that way definitely brought smiles upon the faces of many NBA fans.

Young impressed many a fan with his rookie performance. The four-time Rookie of the Month and First Team All-Rookie scored 19.1 points on 41% shooting, snagged 3.7 rebounds, dished 8.1 assists, and almost had a steal per game.

With such a positive opinion comes the expectations to be great. And there’s no way for the franchise player to go but upwards.

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