We've got the Atlanta Hawks Vs. Chicago Bulls Results simulated with NBA 2K24 to see who the game thinks will win the game. The NBA Play-In Tournament is currently under way, and the winner for tonight's game gets to stick around for a shot to make the postseason. The #10 Hawks (46-36), have only earned a winning record in just of seven months this season (8-7 in March). Meanwhile, the Bulls (39-43) will try to move past the Play In after failing to make it the previous year. Despite their struggles, both teams still have a chance somehow to turn heads upside down this year.

Hawks Vs. Bulls Results – NBA 2K24 Prediction

According to our NBA 2K24 Simulation, the Atlanta Hawks will beat the Chicago Bulls 121-108. Trae Young dominated as he led his Hawks to the next Play In Game with 50 total points. For reference, we run 12 minute quarters on HOF difficulty and use the latest 2K24 rosters. Furthermore, because some injuries are labeled GTD (game time decision), we just use the most updated rosters that 2K offers.

TEAMQuarter 1Quarter 2Quarter 3Quarter 4FINAL

Overall, the Hawks played a pretty dominant game of basketball. However, the team almost squandered their lead at multiple points throughout the contest. By the first quarter's end they had a 12 point lead, which shrunk down to 5 before half. Then, with just a little over five minutes remaining, the Bulls only found themselves trailing by four.

However, Dejounte Murray helped close the game, scoring 13 points in the last three minutes to keep the Hawks alive. Despite averaging 120 points per game this regular season, the Hawks managed to keep the Bulls relatively locked down. It also helped that Chicago turned over the ball six separate times throughout the game.

Murray ended the game with 29 points, 5 rebounds, 7 assists, and a steal. Let's also not forget Trae Young, who finished the game with 50 points. Furthermore, Young converted 9 of 14 three point attempt, while also recording two steals and six assists. He definitely earned the game ball for his performance.

As for the Bulls. DeMar DeRozan showed why he's still one of the best mid-range shooters in the league. The only problem is, we live in a new day and age of the NBA where that alone won't win Championships. Nevertheless, DeRozan scored 31 points, but turned over the ball three times. Teammate Coby White also put together a respectable performance, scoring 25 points in the contest.

Another notable performance came from Center Clint Capella, who recorded 12 points and 16 rebounds. His solid double-double performance saved multiple Hawks' possessions and lead to scoring drives. He also earned 4 blocks while converting six of eight field goals.

Additionally, check out some of the game stats:

49/89 (55%)Field Goals45/82 (55%)
17/34 (50%)3-Pointers12/23 (52%)
6/7 (86%)Free Throws6/7 (86%)
5Offensive Rebounds3
34Defensive Rebounds36
2(7)Turnovers6 (2)
7Team Fouls6
15Biggest Lead1
23:47Time Of Possession24:11

Should the Hawks win, they'll play another game in hopes of making the playoffs. They face either the #7 76ers or #8 Heat depending with hopes to start a streak of upsets. Can Trae Young continually post numbers like his virtual self did on the court? Or will the Hawks' season end before the playoffs even begin. Nevertheless, we anticipate the results of the real game tonight.

As for the Bulls, their season ends tonight if they lose. Chicago has only made four playoff appearances in the last 10 years, only going so far as to reach the Conference Semi Finals. With an aging DeMar DeRozan and constantly injured Lonzo Ball, it might be time for the team to make some changes to their roster. Perhaps we'll see Chicago make some moves in the offseason and or draft.

Personally, it's hard to validate the accuracy of this simulation. While both teams' point totals matched their PPG average this season, the score felt a bit too high. Regardless, it was still entertaining to watch and see what the game thinks. And seeing an upset in the tournament makes for an exciting cinderella story that might move into the postseason. However, we just don't believe the Hawks are the type of team to make this kind of run.

That wraps up our simulation of the Hawks Vs. Bulls Results simulated with NBA 2K24. We hope you enjoyed watching, because we plan to release more sims of upcoming games. We also look forward to tonight's game, and the final matchups of the NBA Play In Tournament. If you're interested in actual 2K content, try redeeming the latest locker codes or browse the Season 6 rewards.

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