NBA 2K24 Season 6 is finally out, with new rewards for MyTEAM and MyCAREER. From Double XP Coins, to MyTEAM Items, Season 6 offers tons of earnable rewards. Therefore, we decided to list all rewards for both Free-to-play and Pro Pass Players. Without further ado, let's check out all the latest rewards for NBA 2K24 Season 6.

NBA 2K24 Season 6 Rewards For MyTEAM & MyCAREER

LEVELMyTEAM RewardMyCAREER RewardPro Pass Reward
1FA Chet HolmgrenSeason 6 TeeSeason 6 Durag
230 Min 2XP Coin30 Min 2XP Coin2,500 VC
3Season 6 Ball & Uniforms PackOrange/Light Blue Ball Trail30x Skill Boosts (5 Games)
42 Ascension PicksShooting Star Shot MeterPink Diamond Russell Westbrook & Serge Ibaka Duo
5'23-'24 NBA Diamond + Unsellable PackRing Player Indicator2,500 VC
6Emerald Prize BallDemon Eyes Perfect Release AnimationColorful Sleeveless Tee
760 Min 2XP CoinBasketball Banners4x 60 Min 2XP Coin (MyTEAM)
82 TokensBoosted Accessory2,500 VC
93 Ascension PicksHigh Risk C-Tier Badge15x Gatorade Boosts (5 Games)
10Diamond Patrick MillsEye Black Face PaintDiamond Shoe Boost Option Pack
11Bronze Badge Option Pack (Pick 5)60 Min 2XP Coin2,500 VC.
12Sapphire Prize BallBanners – Milwaukee Bucks & Chicago Bulls2x 60 Min 2XP Coin (MyCAREER).
1360 Min 2XP CoinSeason 6 Emote Pack #110 Ascension Picks.
144 Ascension PicksWave Player Indicator2,500 VC.
15'24 NBA: Series 2 Pink Diamond Unsellable Equal Chance PackShai Gilgeous-Alexander BasketballAnimated Earth Socks.
163 TokensBoosted AccessoryHOF Badge Pack. (Pick 2).
17Silver Badge Option Pack (Pick 5)Banners – Oklahoma City Thunder & Minnesota Timerwolves2,500 VC.
18Ruby Prize BallHigh Risk B-Tier Badge30x Skill Boosts (5 Games).
195 Ascension Picks60 Min 2XP CoinGalaxy Opal Xavier McDaniel & David Thompson Dynamic Duo
20Pink Diamond Jordan PooleWearable Mascot Costume2,500 VC
21Diamond Shoe Variety PackSilver Floor Setter2x 60 Min 2XP Coin (MyCAREER)
22Gold Badge Option Pack (Pick 5)Season 6 Emote Pack #26x 30 Min 2XP Coins
236 Ascension PicksBoosted Accessory2,500 VC
245 Tokens60x Skill Boosts (10 Games)30x Gatorade Boosts (10 Games)
25Pink Diamond Coach Ty LueBlonde Frohawk Hairstyle10,000 MT
2660 Min 2XP CoinBanners – Jaylen Brown & Portland Trailblazers2,500 VC
27Amethyst Prize Ball60 Min 2XP Coin2x 60 Min 2XP Coin (MyCAREER)
28Diamond Shoe Variety Option Pack (Pick 10)Season 6 REC Headband10 Ascension Picks
297 Ascension PicksHigh Risk A-Tier Badge2,500 VC
30Galaxy Opal Robert ParishGo-Kart30x Skill Boosts (5 Games)
31120 Min 2XP CoinSeason 6 Emote Pack #3Galaxy Opal Unsellable Ray Allen
328 Ascension PicksBanners – Golden State Warriors & Washington Wizards Banner5,000 VC
33Diamond Shoe Boost Option Pack  (Pick 10)30x Gatorade Boosts (10 Games)6x 30 Min 2XP Coin (MyCAREER)
34Diamond Prize Ball60 Min 2XP Coin15,000 MT
35HOF Badge Option PackSeason 6 Racing Suit5,000 VC
3610 Ascension PicksSkateboard HelmetBatting Helmet
37Galaxy Opal Unsellable Player Wheel Spin120 Min 2XP CoinGalaxy Opal Unsellable Option Pack
38HOF Badge Option Pack (Pick 2)High Risk S-Tier Badge10,000 VC
3925,000 MTMech Space SuitRide-In Giant Mech Suit
40Dark Matter Shai Gilgeous-AlexanderGold Floor SetterPro Pass Dark Matter Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

Overall, that includes all the NBA 2K24 Season 6 Rewards. Furthermore, check out the latest patch notes for Season 6, which includes several improvements to the game.

If you're new to NBA 2K24, a couple of things have changed when it comes to Seasons, specifically progression. Essentially, the developers have now streamlined both MyTEAM and MyCAREER rewards into one free pass. Therefore, you'll earn rewards for both modes regardless of which one you prefer.

This means if you enjoy playing MyCAREER only, then you can still earn all rewards, including those for MyTEAM too. Overall, this benefits players who perhaps don't really like playing one of the modes, but still want to earn its rewards.

There's several ways to earn XP and earn rewards in NBA 2K24 Season 6. However, we personally believe in saving Double XP Coins for times when you plan to play the full length of the coin's effect. You'll get more bang for your buck (or in this case, coin), progress through the pass faster, and earn amazing rewards like a Gold Floor Setter.

We also recommend playing various modes to keep yourselves from getting bored. Whether you're completing Quests or challenges, or playing Pro-Am with your friends, there's tons of ways to earn XP without making the experience stale. 2K24 has no shortage of content to explore.

Furthermore, 2K24 does allow players to purchase a Pro Pass, which includes 40 additional rewards, like VC, Skill Boosts, and Double XP Coins. Additionally, you can fork over even more money for a Hall-Of-Fame Pass, which includes level skips, XP boosts, and more. While we personally didn't like the presence of microtransactions in NBA 2K24, they're there nonetheless if you want to purchase them.

That wraps up it for the NBA 2K24 Season 6 rewards for MyTEAM and MyCAREER. For more rewards, try redeeming the latest locker codes. Furthermore, a new episode of 2KTV might release tonight, and offer VC rewards for answering some questions. We wish you the best of luck in earning all the rewards in NBA 2K24 Season 6.

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