There was tons of online chatter yesterday as it was centered around former long-time Miami Heat player Udonis Haslem on his podcast “The OGs” with Mike Miller where they had star Bam Adebayo on. The big-man told a story about Haslem giving a pre-game speech on the night where the league retired Boston Celtics icon Bill Russell's number and jersey up to the rafters of every arena.

Adebayo would recall Haslem saying in the speech “F*** Bill Russell” in the story told. After, the two would talk about how they respect the basketball legend, but Haslem would defend why he said that as the Celtics would never hang a Heat jersey up to their rafters.

Before the Heat embark on their five-game road trip, Adebayo and others spoke to the media before they take a flight to the West Coast. In Adebayo's press conference, he talked about his appearance on the podcast, Udonis Haslem, and the gratitude he has for a person like Russell.

“I knew it was going to happen, but I had to share the story. Just because, we know how passionate UD is, he's really passionate about us, passionate who talks about us. He's one of those guys where we don't listen to the noise, but he'll articulated to us in his own way,” Adebayo said. “It's one of those things where we knew everybody was going to be upset, but I feel like it was a great story to share because it's him at his upmost motivating, but him being himself. We all respect Bill Russell for what he's done for us as players and as Black people and what he had to go through. So just to clear that air, we all know we respect that man.”

Adebayo talks about Haslem's jersey getting retired

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Haslem is a bonafide legend for the Heat after spending 20 seasons with the team as he went undrafted out of the University of Florida. He's been the team's captain for well over a decade, has won three championships with them, and leads Miami all-time in rebounds.

With all his success with the organization, the team will retire his No. 40 and jersey up the rafters of the Kaseya Center on Jan. 19 when the Heat will face the Atlanta Hawks. Adebayo talks about how deserved the honor is and Haslem embodying the culture.

“That jersey is going up to the rafters because he embodies the culture, he's the frontier of the Heat. He's the person that they had an idea and identity and he fits that mold and identity,” Adebayo said. “And to have a guy like him when we talk about his story to be a three-time champ, undrafted, and to be with the same organization for 20 years, he's one of one. It speaks to his identity of who he is and how effects the game on and off the court.”

As for Adebayo, he is in the midst of a career-best season as the University of Kentucky product is averaging 22 points and close to 10 rebounds per game for Miami. The Heat are on a three-game winning streak after a Christmas Day victory against the Philadelphia 76ers last Monday night.

They have two games left until the New Year where they face the Golden State Warriors on Thursday and then the Utah Jazz on Saturday. Miami is currently 18-12 which puts them at fifth in the Eastern Conference.