Heat news: Bam Adebayo says Miami is 'kind of more serious' now with Jimmy Butler
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Bam Adebayo says Heat ar ‘kind of more serious’ now with Jimmy Butler

Bam Adebayo, Jimmy Butler, Josh Richardson, Heat

The Miami Heat made one of the biggest offseason moves this summer when they acquired All-Star forward Jimmy Butler in a sign-and-trade that saw them send promising player Josh Richardson to the Philadelphia 76ers.

Butler, who is known for his dedication in playing the game of basketball, will once again be in a team that’s filled with young and inexperienced players. Handling this kind of situation isn’t actually his strength, but he’s also made it clear during his stints with the Chicago Bulls, Minnesota Timberwolves, and most recently, the Sixers, that he’s not the one who’s going to adjust to the younger guys.

Heat big man Bam Abedayo knows this and is excited about the idea of playing with Butler. In an interview with Anthony Chiang of Miami Herald, Abedayo cited one major difference with the current Miami team with Butler compared to the team with Richardson.

“Probably personality wise. Instead of J-Rich and the goofiness, it’s Jimmy Butler. So it’s kind of more serious. He’s older than us,” Bam Adebayo said.

Of course, this isn’t necessarily Abedayo taking a shot at Richardson’s focus or lack thereof. He just simply understands that Butler has a more straightforward approach. He wants to win and whether you help him or not, he’ll do everything he can to succeed.

That is actually the type of mentality that the Heat need from a leader. Butler can be difficult sometimes, but no one can ever doubt his determination and effort on the court. If his teammates will be able to play with the same mindset, Miami could actually be good enough to do damage in the playoffs next year.