This past season was Duncan Robinson's first full season coming primarily off the bench for the Miami Heat. After signing a five-year extension, his three-point percentage and minutes per game have gone down with each season. His 2023 playoff performance has been a revival of sorts for his playing time.

Robinson was a starter when the Heat made the 2020 NBA Finals but has seen his role shrink in the following years. Now back to being in the rotation and shooting the lights out, he is extremely happy with himself for bouncing back after his worst regular season in years, according to Anthony Chang of the Miami Herald.

“It’s very gratifying,” Robinson said, via the Miami Herald. “I think the biggest aspect of it is just developing the resolve and confidence and knowing that you can go through stretches where you feel like nothing has kind of gone your way, your back is against the wall and nothing can kind of break right for you, and you can still find a way to get out and persevere.”

Still coming off the bench for the Heat as new undrafted shooters have usurped him, Robinson is shooting 44.5 percent from downtown in the playoffs on 5.0 attempts per contest. He has stepped up at key times for Miami, such as his fourth quarter in Game 2 of the NBA Finals and his Game 3 outburst in the Eastern Conference Finals. While Robinson waited for another chance to prove himself, he stayed ready and continued to work hard.

“I was doing everything I can behind the scenes to be prepared for an opportunity,” Robinson said, via the Miami Herald. “That was really the goal, whether it was an opportunity that would present itself here or just I wanted to better myself for the sake of my career in general and who I was as a player.”

Since Tyler Herro is still working his way back from injury, Duncan Robinson's shooting has been crucial for the Heat. Although the Denver Nuggets have them on the ropes with a 3-1 lead, this run was made possible by guys stepping up at different turns. Robinson earned himself plenty of respect and admiration during Miami's impressive playoff run.