Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade has invested in digital-media startup Mars Reel together with Drake. Is this business move a sign that he is retiring soon?

Wade has not committed yet if he will play this season or beyond. He is offered a multi-year deal to play in China, but The Flash has not made up his mind yet.

Wade is already 36-years-old with a lot of mileage on his body. Fans are expecting him to play at least a year in Miami Heat jersey before hanging it up. If his involvement with Mars Reel is any indication that he is preparing for life post-NBA, then this will become another chapter in his storied career.

According to Todd Spangler of Variety, Mars Reel just finished raising $4.7 million initial funding round with new deals coming from Drake, Wade and Otter Media. The digital outfit, founded by twin brothers Brandon and Bradley Deyo in 2010, has received backing from Maverick Carter, close friend of LeBron James and CEO of Uninterrupted and Springhill Entertainment, Uninterrupted president Devin Johnson and DraftKings CEO Jason Robins, among others.

Mars Reel aims to focus on stories of high school basketball and teams. It has produced “Mars Reel Chronicles” and “Life on Mars” in the past. Bradley Deyo claims he is grateful for the support of NBA stars in his endeavor. “Beyond the financial commitment, which will help us continue our expansion into other types of programming and distribution platforms, we are so excited to have validation from artists, athletes and entrepreneurs like Drake and Dwyane Wade,” he added.

If Wade indeed decides to retire, his future is already set. His net worth is reportedly at $120 million. On the other hand, he can still expand his business empire with investments in promising digital startups such as Mars Reel.