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Dwyane Wade still mulling potential comeback, ‘I wish I had an answer for you’

dwyane wade

Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade is still undecided about a comeback to the team, having mulled the possibility of retirement for the entire offseason, still answerless with only days left before the start of training camp.

“I wish I had an answer for you. I don’t have it today,” said Wade, as he stood alongside teammate Udonis Haslem addressing the media in advance of next week’s formal opening of his new restaurant, according to Ira Winderman of The South Florida Sun Sentinel. “A lot goes into it. We’ve kind of talked about it over the course of my career. So you guys can play the tape back and hear the same answers over and over again. But a lot goes into it.”

While some expect the 36-year-old to drag it out until the end of training camp, saving some unnecessary wear and tear on his legs by skipping the preseason. Wade admitted he’s not in his desired shape quite yet.

“Absolutely not,” he said. “You can’t get into NBA shape until you play in the NBA. No one’s in NBA shape. Everybody’s in open-gym, halfway, half-defensive shape. No one’s in training-camp shape. No one’s in NBA shape. You can’t get that unless you’re out there.”

Team president Pat Riley has still kept one roster spot below the max of 20 heading into training camp, hoping Wade will decide to return. Riley added Haslem, who is coming back for his 16th season, hoping it would motivate Flash to come back for one more.

Wade remained mum when it comes to contractual negotiations, which only hints he’s still pretty far away from making that decision.

“You’ve got to call my agent and ask him,” Wade said, when asked if the Heat had extended the maximum possible offer. “I haven’t dealt with the money part of it.”

The Heat have committed most of their salary cap to their young guys, doling out long-term deals to Dion Waiters, Josh Richardson, Rodney McGruder, James Johnson, and Kelly Olynyk last offseason.