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Dwyane Wade says old Gatorade commercial is one of his favorites

Dwyane Wade, Heat

Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade took a trip on the wayback machine, remembering one of the best commercials of his heyday with this Gatorade gem from 2006, coming soon after his first NBA championship.

In it, we can see the constant decision-making as he takes the open floor, debating his next move between angel and devil, ultimately opting for the highlight-reel dunk:

This commercial still showcases a pre-injury Shaun Livingston, who would sit out the entire 2007-08 season after breaking his leg with a freak injury that changed the course of his NBA career.

At the time, Wade was still sporting Converse shoes and would later get a regalia of shoulder, knee, and elbow pad endorsements (most popularly with McDavid) — most of which he had to wear after taking constant hits on his way to the basket.

Flash was as much of a celebrity as some other counterparts from the 2003 NBA Draft, being the first notable one to hoist the Larry O’Brien Trophy after his third season in the league.