The Miami Heat almost pulled a fast one on head coach Eric Spoelstra while on their trip to Mexico City. The team stopped at a park to take in some sights. And while doing so, Spoelstra made a trip to the little boy's room.

And you won't believe what happened next, per Manny Navarro of the Miami Herald.

“I was taking a tour of the park and stopped to go to the bathroom,” Spoelstra said with a grin later. “I don’t think they would have left me behind.”

Spoelstra, though, raced across the park to get to the bus once he realized the team had boarded it and was on the move. He did, however, stop to pose for a selfie with a fan on his way to the bus.

This reminds of a scene in “Almost Famous” when the band Stillwater stopped at a gas station and almost left their lead singer behind as he came out of a bathroom break.

But the fact that it happens to NBA teams is even funnier. Unfortunately, there's no video of Spoelstra booking it through a Mexico City park.

Props to him for stopping for a selfie with the locals though, even though the team almost left him there.