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Fab Five teammates backs Juwan Howard to Michigan job

Juwan Howard, Lakers

The Michigan Wolverines are in the search for a new head coach following former coach John Beilein’s move to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Miami Heat assistant Juwan Howard, a former Wolverine himself as part of the renowned Fab Five in the early 90’s, has been getting a lot of momentum as the next successor of Beilein. In fact, three of Howard’s Fab Five teammates have now signed off on the current Heat assistant to take the job.

Five-time All-Star and now NBA broadcast analyst Chris Webber said during one of the Bucks-Raptors games that it would be great for the university to bring Howard to the team, per Jeff Rabjohns on Twitter.

Jalen Rose also believes that Howard should get the nod due to his connections and ability to recruit highly-touted high school prospects to the school, per James Hawkins of The Detroit News.

“Now that there’s a vacant job in Ann Arbor, let’s do a blank canvas of actually who should be the No. 1 candidate, and to me that should be a no-brainer,” Rose said Friday on ESPN’s “Get Up!” show. “There’s a guy named Juwan Howard that’s from Chicago, which means he’s going to be able to help recruit that market. Not only was he an All-American in high school, came to the University of Michigan, was a member of the Fab Five, he was the first person to sign their Letter of Intent. In theory, he also helped recruit each one of us.

“And for those that don’t know, he was always the adult in the room amongst us. You never saw Juwan Howard without a haircut, you’ve never seen him without a crease in his pants, you’ve never seen him undisciplined. And he was a technician out on the floor.”

Jimmy King, likewise, said that Howard should “absolutely” get the job and added that his pedigree as a coach speaks of itself, per Carlos Monnarez of The Detroit Free Press.

“Absolutely,” King said Saturday while attending third annual Champions for Change Gala at Crisler Center to benefit the ChadTough Foundation. “So you’ve got three and I’m sure you’ll get all five.

“I think Juwan Howard is obviously one of the best candidates for the Michigan job. I think his pedigree speaks for itself. I think his experience in high school being an All-American, be an All-American in college at his alma mater at the University of Michigan matters. And being a champion at the pro level and being a coach over the past few seasons speaks for his pedigree. I think he’s one of the best candidates the university can have.”

That’s three of the four other members backing up their boy. Howard is obviously the popular choice given his ties with the university and how popular their group was back in their college playing days.

However, Michigan should widen their array of coaching candidates as they try to find the next heir to John Beilein.