It was an electric night for the Miami Heat and especially star Jimmy Butler as he scored a season-high 37 points to get past the Utah Jazz Saturday as the team has won 10 of their last 13 games. This was a complete showcase for Butler as he put on display that he can excel from mid-range, the free throw line, in the paint, and even from three-point range.

In the win, he was a perfect three for three from beyond the arch as he stretched his streak to 14 games where he has hit at least one three-pointer in a game. It shouldn't come as a surprise anymore as there is no doubt that Butler has been implementing that shot more into his arsenal than ever before.

When speaking with Butler after the game, he told ClutchPoints that it really has not been a point of emphasis. Consequently, he even expressed the confidence that the Heat star can shoot only threes and he would have “a really good percentage,” but he likes “running into people and seeing who's gonna fall down first.”

“It's actually hasn't been an emphasis. If I wanted to shoot all threes, I actually could and I think that I would shoot a really good percentage. I just like running into the paint and running into people and seeing who's gonna fall down first,” Butler said. “When I attack, I think that we are at our best, I get to get my shooters involved, I get to get my teammates involved, and I get to pass first and to be a playmaker. That's how I want to play the game of basketball.”

Erik Spoelstra says to put Butler in the three-point contest next season

Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler (22) celebrates as the Heat pull away late in the fourth period at Kaseya Center.
Peter Joneleit-USA TODAY Sports

Butler even got the seal of approval from Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra that the 34-year old is “a great shooter.” He even vouched for Butler to be in the three-point shooting contest next season, but humorously questioned if he could bet money on it.

“He's a great shooter. Why not? It's a little pop-a-shot for him. Put him in the three point contest next year,” Spoelstra said. “Allow him just to shoot that shot. I'll put my money on him. Am I allowed to do that? Don't put him in the three-point contest.”

Butler saying this portion of the seasonn is “the fun part”

There is always talk every season about Butler turning his play up a notch during this time of the season, and this year is no different. After the game, Butler would say to the media that “this is the fun part” and that all the preparation Miami goes throughout the season is built up for the current state.

“I love this game, I love this city, this organization with these guys that I get to hoop with. This is this is the fun part,” Butler said. “This is what you do the entire summer, the preseason, before all started, and now you get to get to show out, show everybody who you are as an individual as a player, and who your team is. Right now is when we all want to be playing. We want to keep winning. We want to play into June.”

So far on the season, Butler is averaging 21.5 points, 5.6 rebounds, and 4.7 assists per game while shooting 50.1 percent from the field. At any rate, in terms of his percentage from three-point range, it's at 44 percent, the highest it has ever been in his career.

With the gritty win over the Jazz, it puts the Heat's record at 34-26 which places them sixth in the Eastern Conference. Subsequently, their next date will be the final contest in the short two-game home stand as they will take on the Detroit Pistons Tuesday night.