Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat are in the midst of NBA Finals Media Day on Wednesday before the NBA Finals vs. the Denver Nuggets kicks off on Thursday. When asked about his leadership style, Jimmy Butler made sure to give a special shout out to Heat legend Dwyane Wade.

“How I go about things…it really is a match made in heaven. I love it here and I hope to be here.”

Butler emphasizes that Dwyane Wade was the guy that convinced him that the Miami Heat would be the perfect fit for him. He goes on to say that it is a ‘match made in heaven,' so there is no doubt that Butler made the right decision and is extremely grateful that he listened to Wade.

Within his answer, Butler highlighted that his leadership style might be a little unconventional and striving to be a ‘leader' is not his goal. In the end, he just wants to be himself and do the best he can, and it has naturally led him into becoming a focal point of the locker room in Miami.

Overall, it is really cool to see Jimmy Butler speak on his growth and his gratitude for his former teammates, as he has had a very long journey to arrive at his second NBA Finals appearance. A never highly recruited player and someone who was often written off, Butler has proven that he can work as hard as anybody and is the perfect teammate to go to battle with. Consequently, it makes perfect sense that Jimmy Butler followed in the footsteps of Dwyane Wade in becoming the heart of the Miami Heat.