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Miami airport’s welcome sign for Dwyane Wade

dwyane wade

The most exciting news of Thursday’s Feb. 8 NBA trade deadline came on many fronts. Perhaps the biggest news came from the Cleveland Cavaliers due to the nature of the trades. Their recent deals actually set the mark for the biggest mid-season roster turnover in the history of the Cavs franchise.

Out of the smoke was one special trade that netted the Cavs a second-round pick from the Miami Heat as they sent guard Dwyane Wade back to South Beach. Wade has become synonymous with Miami throughout his career, so it’s not a surprise that many fans, even those of other teams all scoffed at the idea of the Heat not doing everything to keep the 6-foot-5 guard in Miami, and were never truly comfortable with seeing him donning another uniform.

Last summer presented the opportunity for Wade to rejoin his good friend and Heatles teammate LeBron James in Ohio, and the former didn’t hesitate to give it one more shot. The ending this time didn’t result in a championship, but the team chemistry collapsed and ushered in the massive changes at the trade deadline.

Wade found himself in a favorable position as he was sent back home where he never sold the home he built, and where his children are still attending school.

The entire city of Miami is ecstatic about Wade’s return and didn’t wait to greet him before he touched down at the airport once the trade was announced.

Miami’s International Airport dedicated its entrance sign to Wade welcoming him home, which expresses the thoughts and feelings of the entire city.

The gesture was a perfect sign of things to come for Wade in Miami as his return created a massive impact on the entire fanbase.