It was an exciting night for the Miami Heat as they got their third straight win as they beat the New York Knicks inside the Kaseya Center Tuesday night, 109-99. While it was another collective effort from Miami, they were led by Terry Rozier who had his best game in a Heat uniform since he was traded from the Charlotte Hornets before the deadline as himself and head coach Erik Spoelstra talk about his dynamite performance.

Rozier has had exceptional nights with the Heat before, but none like this where he was efficient, explosive, and took over the whole game. He scored a game-high 34 points as he made 10 of his 15 shots from the field, but more importantly, Rozier hit eight of 11 attempts from three-point range as Spoelstra said he's “taken some time to get comfortable here.”

“Terry [Rozier] had that introduction early on in his career, and then you know, it's really been the last five years where people have forgotten, but he's always had a competitive disposition about him, but you never really know until you're in these environments, and it's taken some time to get comfortable here,” Spoelstra said. “We want to show a little bit of grace through that, but we had a ton of moving parts and I think by now he knows that everybody wants him to be that aggressive and when you have Jimmy and Bam, telling him that it's okay for me to take all the moments during the course of the game, particularly late, that just shows you what he's capable of because he's done that a lot even in Charlotte when they weren't playoff ramification type games, but they still are fourth quarter clutch games.”

Rozier says it's “just one of those nights” after dropping 34 points for Heat

Miami Heat guard Terry Rozier (2) reacts after scoring against the New York Knicks during the fourth quarter at Kaseya Center.
Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

Even Heat star Bam Adebayo praised Rozier for his superhero-like performance as he saved the Heat from nearly losing a double-digit lead to the Knicks in the fourth quarter. The big-man said he was waiting for an outing like this, but Rozier took a humbled approach, saying it was “just one of those nights.”

“Just one of those nights,” Rozier said. “We know that the Knicks is a great defensive team, but in this league, you got a lot of guys who can score the rock on a high level and then sometimes it can't stop them once it once it gets going. I felt like I can score the ball pretty well and it was just one of those nights but all credit goes to my teammates and coaches to allow me to be me.”

Rozier says teammates urge him to be himself and more aggressive

Rozier has been documented time and time again for crediting his Heat teammates on all of his success and while a lot of improvement has come from the man himself, there's no doubting he's surrounded by support. He even said after the game that he's heard from his peers that he needs to be aggressive and be himself.

“My teammates are super supportive always,” Rozier said. “And that's why I always give them the credit my coaches and my teammates just allow me to be me and making sure I understand that I can go out there and be myself and things will work out. So just trying to read the game and see how our offense can get easier to score while I'm still being aggressive.”

The Heat will definitely want more of this out of Rozier especially at this part of the season where the games matter the most. Miami is 42-33 on the season with seven games left as their next challenge will be on Thursday against another Eastern Conference rival in the Philadelphia 76ers who just recently got back superstar Joel Embiid.