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Victor Oladipo could miss all of next season

Heat, Victor Oladipo

While I do not want hater of aggregation Brian Windhorst to get mad at me for aggregating what should seem like huge news, according to the ESPN reporter, there’s a chance Miami Heat star Victor Oladipo could miss all of next season.

The following is what Mr. Windhorst said on ESPN:

They haven’t announced it, but there’s a good chance Oladipo is going to miss all of next season.

The fact that this news about the Heat talent isn’t currently breaking the internet is a bit strange. Maybe since it’s being said on the low in a radio format, as opposed to plastered all over the place, is the reason why. Or maybe it’s the history of reporters often treating niche performances with a bit more conjecture to go alongside their usual strong reporting.

It’s certainly worth noting that episode is nearly a week old. The only reason I saw it was NBC. Maybe the report is now outdated or something?

This would be absolutely brutal news for Victor Oladipo. He’s bet on himself numerous times, turning down a couple of contract extensions over the years, and a lengthy absence from playing wouldn’t exactly help him snag his full earning potential.

Given how little traction this Windhorst liner has received, let’s hope the Heat guard is actually closer to getting on the court than not. NBA fans are rooting for it.