Helldivers 2 players might be dealing with a Different Game Version Error, which is preventing them from dropping down with friends. Between server issues, black screens, and more, Helldivers 2 has seen a lot of issues since its launch earlier this month. However, that hasn't stopped it from being one of most popular games on the market right now. While the developers are hard at work improving the game, we listed a few possible solutions to your issue.

How To Fix Helldivers 2 Different Game Version Error

To fix the Helldivers 2 Different Game Version Error, try restarting and updating the game. Ensure the version you have is the latest by:

  • PS5
    • Close application
    • Press Start (Options) button on Helldivers 2 (Do Not Start The Application)
    • Select Check For Updates
    • Update, if necessary
  • PC (Steam)
    • Close Application
    • Right-Click on Helldivers 2
    • Verify Integrity of Game File

Additionally, try turning Cross-play on, if you're attempting to play with someone on PC or PS. This seems to have also caused issues, preventing people on different platforms from playing with each other. Furthermore, some users online suggest starting a game, releasing an SOS beacon, and allowing friends to join. Make sure to set your lobby to Public if you're just looking for teammates in general.

Overall, that includes all currently known method of resolving the Different Game Version Error in Helldivers 2. We hope these solutions helped you get back out on the battlefield and restoring democracy. However, we wish you best of luck trying to play Helldivers 2 at all, with Server Capacity seemingly always full. Nevertheless, we'll all soon get our chance to wipe out Terminid and Automaton scum.

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