After a closely contested loss at UFC 288, Henry Cejudo ripped Conor McGregor for his criticism of his fight with Aljamain Sterling. Cejudo lost a razor-close split decision to the champion Sterling coming off a 3-year layoff.

There were a lot of positive tweets and mentions about Henry Cejudo's title loss but there was also some criticism. One person that took to Twitter to criticize Cejudo and to give him a little advice was none other than “The Notorious” Conor McGregor.

McGregor claimed he bet a ton of money on Aljamain Sterling to beat Henry Cejudo. He supposedly went on a little bit of a spending spree after cashing out his winnings. He also gave Cejudo a bit of advice where if he just switched stances things could have been a lot different.

Cejudo didn't take it kindly when he heard that McGregor was giving out advice and how he could have won the fight.

“Conor McGregor don't got sh*t on my resume, that's all I got to say. He's been stopped after a 3-year layoff, what I have been able to do and compete. And then hearing the boos from the crowd once they announced the winner, that says a lot to me.”

Henry Cejudo came off a 3-year layoff to fight against the pound-for-pound best bantamweight fighter for the championship and lost by a closely contested split decision. You can't say the same about Conor McGregor who after a 2-year layoff got finished in round 4 against Khabib Nurmagomedov. Also, McGregor hasn't tasted victory since January 2020 against Donald Cerrone.

Henry Cejudo is still uncertain about what is next for him. He is a competitor through and through and as he says if he's not first he is last. Cejudo also has a lot weighing on him with him and his wife expecting their second child and whether or not it's worth fighting if it isn't for a title. We just have to wait and see what will be next for “Triple C” Henry Cejudo.