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Roy Hibbert, Timofey Mozgov comparison may shock you

The Lakers wasted no time in free agency. As soon as the clock struck 12:01, they secured and executed their meeting with free agent Timofey Mozgof.

Shortly afterwards, the meeting ended with a contract agreement reached. A 4 year, $65 million dollar contract with a team option in the fourth year.

Was this trade an upgrade from their starting center Roy Hibbert? Looking at the stats and production, they most certainly upgraded at the center position, but by how much? Not as much as you would think they did.

Hibbert earned $15.6 million dollars with the Lakers last season, and Mozgov is set to earn $16 million next season.

Sports Illustrated’s Ben Golliver posted a real plus/minus chart in comparison of Mozgov and Hibbert. The numbers are hilariously similar, in fact, so close that it makes absolutely no difference at all.

According to the chart, Hibbert ranks #76, out of 76 centers in the league, and Mozgiv ranks 75th of 76 centers in the league.

You might be thinking that the Lakers may have overpaid for Mozgov, but the facts show, this signing puts the team in the same position it was in last season.

Check out the chart below for comparison.

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