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Hornets video: Dwight Howard lets a woman hit him repeatedly in the stomach

dwight howard, hornets

For some reason, Dwight Howard woke up this Saturday and decided to go to the gym and absorb bodily harm at the hands…of a woman.

Howard just posted a video on his Twitter account, showing a lady half his size swinging at his midsection with reckless abandon, perhaps as part of the Charlotte Hornets big man’s training workout in preparation for his 14th year in the NBA.

Not many folks could withstand, let alone have the gall to try, this type of punishment even if it comes from a female. And by the way, that lady doesn’t resemble someone whom you would want to mess with in the first place.

Dwight Howard is unlike most of us, though, as he’s really one of the most physically-gifted athlete in the NBA, one whose chiseled physique appears to be capable of surviving a nuclear bomb explosion.

Getting pummeled in the stomach without folding sure looks cool, but until he shows the same toughness on the court, this is just going to be viewed as another of his many clown acts.