Usually, when teams talk about someone making a return to help give their team a boost, they're talking about a star player. But Cody Zeller of the Charlotte Hornets believes the team's PA announcer, Pat Doughty, is a vital part of the Charlotte family.

Doughty has returned to the Hornets after taking time to deal with an illness — which is something he's still battling through.

“Big Pat is like a Charlotte treasure just because the last six years I’ve played so many games on the court and am just used to hearing his voice,” Cody Zeller said to Roderick Boone of The Athletic. “He’s just a great person. He’s kind of an icon around here. Things didn’t sound right and something just seemed off when he wasn’t here. So I’m glad to see him back, glad to see him doing a little better.”

“He’s an icon. He’s been around forever.”

Doughty may not be a superstar like Kemba Walker, but he's an icon in his own right. He's the kind of icon that makes fans and players feel at home in the arena.

As Zeller states, Doughty is a staple in Charlotte and he's become part of the fabric of the organization.

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Mike Cruz ·

There is something to be said for creating an environment where players want to play. Zeller's effusive praise of Doughty is proof that the PA announcer plays a role in making the players comfortable.

Here's to Big Pat and we're all happy to hear that he's back where he belongs — right in front of a microphone in the Spectrum Center.