Even though House of the Dragon's first season ended weeks ago, the excitement for its sophomore effort is very obvious amongst fans of the Game of Thrones franchise. Thanks to its stellar cast, captivating story, and breathtaking visuals, there's really no reason to love this hit series from HBO. And speaking of the cast, there are some particular characters to watch out for in the coming years. We take a look at several individuals to look out for in House of the Dragon season 2 and beyond. For those concerned, potential spoilers for the show's future are up ahead.

5 characters House of the Dragon fans need to look out for in season 2 and beyond

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5. Aegon III

Unlike the two kings who bear the name before him, Aegon III had the misfortune to experience several horrors from the Dance of the Dragons. The worst of what he went through, of course, is seeing his mother, Rhaenyra Targaryen eaten alive by a dragon right before his very eyes. The culprit of this horrendous massacre is no other than Aegon II, the king installed by the Greens to supplant the heir of Viserys Targaryen.

What makes Aegon III a character to look out for is how the series will portray the future king of Westeros. With the eventual conclusion of the show seeing him ascend the Iron Throne, it's important to see how the horrors of the Dance of the Dragons will transform him into a broken individual, and later on, a king of a war-torn country. If his character is done right, the right tone of tragedy and grief will give House of the Dragon the proper ending that will make George R. R. Martin proud.

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4. Blood and Cheese

The conclusion of House of the Dragon season 1 saw Lucerys Velaryon, the heir to Driftmark, die at the hands of Aemond Targaryen and Vhagar. His death will usher Rhaenyra into a state of war that will cut Westeros in half as the Blacks go hard against the Greens. But apart from the declaration of war itself, Daemon Targaryen took it upon himself to retaliate against their adversary.

Being acquainted with Mysaria and her network in King's Landing, Daemon will acquire the services of Blood and Cheese, a pair of assassins. Using their knowledge of the Red Keep, the pair will eventually make their way into Helaena Targaryen's quarters and threaten to kill everyone if she doesn't choose a child for them to kill. She will eventually choose the youngest of her children with Aegon II, Maelor, to die at their hands. But in a sudden twist of fate, Blood and Cheese take Jaeharys' life instead, robbing Aegon II his heir.

This incident will be a catalyst that drives House of the Dragon further into the war. With both sides having committed atrocious acts, the stakes will even be higher and the Dance of the Dragons will evolve into a bloodier conflict for both the Greens and Blacks.

3. Nettles

With more dragons comes the need for certain individuals who can ride them. This is Daemon's mindset when he located three dragon eggs beneath Dragonstone and claimed the late King Jaehaerys' dragon, Vermithor, to their side. Once they have accumulated these beasts, the Dragonseeds will come into play and the most prominent of them will be Nettles.

The Dragonseeds are bastards born from Targayen blood, making them eligible to bond with dragons and ride them. As it stands, Nettles is a young woman with a foul mouth and no information about who her parents were. What's certain, though, is that she will claim Sheepstealer and fight for Queen Rhaenyra and the Greens. Later on, she will be associated with Daemon himself and the two will have an affair. It's not yet known whether the show will leave these two alive by the end of their story arcs, or leave it as ambiguous as the source material intended it to be. In any case, Nettles' introduction is one House of the Dragon fans should be looking forward to.

2. Aemond Targaryen

Apart from Daemon, the other House of the Dragon character that seemed to grab everyone's attention by the end of season 1 was Alicent Hightower's second son, Aemond. And while he appeared to be a one-eyed clone of the Rogue Prince, there's really more than meets the eye when it comes to him. For one, he'll almost get what he wants by becoming the Lord Protector of the Realm due to Aegon II being unable to rule for a time because of injuries.

Aemond's arc will culminate in what would seem as the best battle of House of the Dragon, one in which he'll slug it out with Daemon while they're on top of their respective dragons. And while that may be a couple of seasons away, this battle is one that will make Aemond more prominent among fans when it eventually shows up on screen.

1. Cregan Stark

Of all the characters about to appear in HBO's hit series, Cregan Stark holds the most promise of them all. For one, the Lord of Winterfell at this time bears the respected Stark name, one that's known amongst Game of Thrones fans. And just like most of the Starks before him, Cregan will have that infallible sense of honor and loyalty, especially to the friendship he'll make with Rhaenyra's son, Jacaerys.

Their friendship will form the Pact of Ice and Fire, an alliance between Houses Targaryen and Stark built upon the promise that Cregan's son will wed Jacaerys' firstborn daughter. Unfortunately, things won't go down this way as Rhaenyra's son will die at some point in the show. Instead, Cregan will march his armies down south to end the Greens' hold on Kings' Landing and the Warden of the North will become Hand of the King to Aegon III, the ruler after the Dance of the Dragons has ended.

With this kind of story up ahead for Cregan Stark and all the other characters in the list, House of the Dragon stands to have a better chance of success than Game of Thrones ever had. And while season 2 is still years away, there's no doubt fans of the franchise will remain hyped over this series once it lands on HBO.