Last week's installment of House of the Dragon ended with Aegon Targaryen being named King and Lord Protector of the Seven Kingdoms after the death of Viserys, his father. This means that the Greens have effectively stolen Rhaenyra's claim to the Iron Throne and any chance of peace along with it. The latest chapter promises to give fans of the show a fitting conclusion to season one. We take a look at this House of the Dragon episode 10 ending explained to learn what went down.

House of the Dragon episode 10 ending explained

House of the Dragon, HBO, EntertainmentThis week's episode of House of the Dragon starts on Dragonstone with Rhaenyra speaking to Lucerys about his fear that Corlys Velaryon is going to die and his reluctance to become Lord of the Tides. She is then informed that Rhaenys Targaryen has arrived and is requesting an audience with the princess and Daemon.

During the meeting, Rhaenyra learns that Viserys has died and Aegon has supplanted the Iron Throne to become king. Upon hearing the news, she finds blood on her thighs, a sign that the baby is coming right at the moment.  As she is being attended to, Rhaenyra tells Jacearys and Lucerys about what happened in King's Landing. Meanwhile, Daemon orders his forces to patrol the island for any sign of invasion from the Greens. He learns that Corlys has survived. This prompts Daemon to fly off to the Riverlands to affirm their support. Jacaerys arrives and tells him and the others not to take any action.

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Daemon ignores him and orders the maester to send the ravens to ask the different houses for their loyalty. He then asks Jacaerys to accompany him and discover the true meaning of loyalty. Daemon interrogates the assigned Kingsguard to them and demands them to swear for Rhaenyra. Otherwise, they will be burned to death if they don't. As this is happening, Rhaenyra loses her baby during childbirth.

During the funeral pyre of their child, Ser Erryk Cargyll arrives and delivers Viserys' crown to Rhaenyra. He pledges his loyalty to serve the princess and her house. Daemon, meanwhile, places the crown on Rhaenyra's head and kneels down before her. Those present during the funeral follow Daemon's lead and kneel as well.

After her coronation, Rhaenyra gathers his council to assess the strength of their forces. They discuss the idea of using their dragons to end the war quickly. As this is happening, a ship arrives on Dragonstone bearing Otto Hightower and a small force of soldiers.

Rhaenyra confronts Otto with Syrax watching over her. In turn, Otto presents Aegon's terms for peace. In response, the queen and Daemon reject the terms and tell him that he is a traitor. Otto, meanwhile, gives Rhaenyra a page of a book that meant something to her and Alicent. Before a fight can ensue, she tells Otto that they will have her answer tomorrow.

Inside Dragonstone's keep. Rhaenyra convenes with her council to discuss the Greens' terms. She orders everyone to leave after Daemon publicly disagrees with her over what should be done. Daemon chokes Rhaenyra after hearing Viserys told her of A Song of Ice and Fire, a notion that reminded him of the old king's weakness. She learns that Viserys never told him about Aegon the Conqueror's dream of a darkness in the north.

In his chambers, Corlys wakes up to Rhaenys watching over him. He learns about Vaemond's death and how Daemon killed him in the throne room. Upon hearing this, Corlys admits that ambition is a weakness of their house and they plan to declare for no one. He adds that Rhaenyra destroys everything she touches. Rhaenys refutes him by saying that she is the only one keeping the Seven Kingdoms from war as everyone in her council urges her to start it.

Shortly after, Corlys and Rhaenys attend Rhaenyra's council. He declares the support of House Velaryon to her and everyone in attendance. The Sea Snake adds that they have control of the Narrow Sea, a detail that can help them surround King's Landing. This development leads to Jacaerys going to the Vale and the North to seek their support. Meanwhile, Lucerys is to go to Storm's End to gather House Baratheon's commitment to their cause. Before they leave, Rhaenyra demands her sons not take part in any fighting and go as messengers to their assigned houses. Meanwhile, Daemon seeks to claim Vermithor, the old dragon of King Jaeherys.

Lucerys arrives at Storm's End and he sees Vhagar from a distance. He approaches Lord Boros Baratheon and meets Aemond before him. Boros is insulted that Rhaenyra came with an empty offer while Aemond is to marry one of his daughters. Before he leaves, Aemond challenges him to a fight and demands one of his eyes. Boros stops Alicent's son from committing violence in his hall. He orders Lucerys is to be escorted back to his dragon.

As he is leaving on Arrax, Aemond chases him on Vhagar. Both of the princes lose control of their dragons as Arrax burns Vhagar. In response, the larger and older dragon kills Arrax. They bring Rhaenyra's son down, killing him and his dragon over the seas surrounding Storm's End. Aemond is surprised by what happened and is fear of the retaliation his side is going to face from Rhaenyra. In front of the Painted Table, Rhaenyra learns about Lucerys' death. She is ready to go to war as the episode ends.

What just happened? A House of the Dragon episode 10 recap

The Greens' treachery of naming Aegon as king has reached Rhaenyra on Dragonstone. In this House of the Dragon episode 10 recap, we see most of the final chapter deal with the Blacks gathering their allies amidst the threat of war. Even with the Hightowers stealing her birthright, Rhaenyra is adamant to strike the first blow in the Dance of the Dragons.

Her reluctance quickly changes with the death of Lucerys at Aemond's hands. This incident seemingly sparks a rage inside Rhaenyra, which would lead to a full-blown civil war in the coming seasons. This signals the end of season 1 with the following installment scheduled for release in 2024. Until then, it looks like a long wait for House of the Dragon fans for what will happen next in the war for the Seven Kingdoms.