INDIANAPOLIS — There’s been so much talk about the on-court connection between Indiana Fever teammates Aliyah Boston and Caitlin Clark. From June 13 onward, Boston has turned the corner, churning out efficient performances. If the counter is that the schedule has lightened up, well, Boston had another great outing in Saturday’s win over the WNBA's-best New York Liberty

Clark posted the first-ever WNBA rookie triple-double Saturday. Four of the point guard's assists went to Boston. That’s not unordinary per se, but Clark has assisted 53 of Boston's 79 field goals so far this season. And 17 happened in the first 13 games, while 36 have been dished out as the Fever have won six of their past nine. So what’s the cause? Did this connection just need time? 

Inherently, yes. The Clark-Boston pick-and-roll has only more recently been the effective option, while opponents have blitzed Clark less often. Back in May, it looked like most of Boston’s plays were late in the shot clock, which expedited the sophomore slump for the 2023 Rookie of the Year. Now, Clark and Boston are flourishing. And so has their off-court teammate friendship. 

“She’s such a positive light in our locker room,” Clark said of Boston after practice. “She’s been somebody that’s been really helpful throughout my rookie year, obviously having gone through it just a year ago. I think you can tell our chemistry is really coming along. A lot of that has been developed through games, so the more practice we get together, only the better it’s gonna get.”

Caitlin Clark and Aliyah Boston's off-court banter and interventions

Indiana Fever forward Aliyah Boston (7) and guard Caitlin Clark (22) react after a basket against the Connecticut Sun
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Clark said Tuesday that Boston is someone who will always have you covered. That’s how the string of whimsical and loyal instances between them took form. Back on June 19, the Fever beat the Washington Mystics. Clark was asked about making good passes consistently deep into games. Her mind blanked after giving an instance where her pass to Boston was stolen. 

Boston intervened, complimented her ability, and said they’re good and not to worry. 

Clark thanked her. 

Two weeks ago at Seattle, Clark fielded all postgame questions three minutes into the conference. She then urged and somewhat demanded reporters to ask questions to Boston. 

On Saturday, Clark was speaking humbly about her triple-double, not always knowing how to respond. So Boston intervened and said to the group of reporters how humble Caitlin is and sarcastically said the milestone was “pretty cool” and “great job sister!” Then the other day, Boston posted an amusing work-out vlog on TikTok with her, Clark, and Katie Lou Sameulson. 

Samuelson joined in the scrum of reporters after Tuesday’s practice at Gainbridge Fieldhouse and asked Clark if she can anticipate seeing more TikToks with Boston. Clark quipped that it remains to be seen and that she can’t give away all her secrets. The instances continue. Before players talk to the media, they compete in the Fever’s halfcourt shot challenge to end practice. 

Damiris Dantas made it first, and eventually, Clark made it too. 

“You’ve already taken six shots!” Boston said right after she missed.

Fever youngsters growing closer midway through the season

Whether the Clark-Boston pick-and-roll keeps an upward trajectory for the rest of the season— OR the Fever can sustain this last 6-3 stretch and make the playoffs, it's encouraging to see the back-to-back No. 1 picks jelling this well together. Aliyah Boston hasn't always been acclimated to the pick-and-roll system and has had to calibrate. Caitlin Clark, likewise, is converting to playing at this level. 

Rather than that be divisive, and there’s even lots to choose from: them having to adapt to each other's games, the brutal 11-game 20-day gauntlet to begin the season with only two wins, Clark often taking the media spotlight when on the road, ALL of it. It’s made their relationship more rooted. It's paired with the duo looking more relaxed and confident both on and off the court. 

It’s best shown in their transition offense that has been unlocked and improved lately. 

“She's a great voice,” Clark said. “She’s always there whether things are great or whether things aren’t as great. She’s just a very consistent person in our locker room. I’m really thankful for her.”