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How Daniel Jones can take the next step for the New York Giants

The New York Giants’ selection of Daniel Jones has continually grown on fans as the season has progressed. While Jones has shown flashes of potential, how can he take the next step for the Giants?

The rookie out of Duke became New York’s starting quarterback in Week 3 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Since then, Jones has thrown for 1,967 yards, 15 touchdowns, and eight interceptions.

Just as expected, Jones has had plenty of ups and downs in his rookie campaign. The ups include him having two games where he has thrown for four touchdowns.

On the other hand, the first-year starter has also turned the ball over at an alarming rate with eight interceptions and 13 fumbles. Of course, Jones hasn’t lost all 13 of those fumbles, but it is concerning nonetheless.

The first step to improving for Jones is protecting the ball. Most rookie quarterbacks that come into the NFL want to immediately leave their mark on the league and tend to force the situation.

Sometimes, Jones is able to complete throws into tight windows and he comes away from it unscathed. However, on other occasions, Jones forces the ball into a dangerous area that usually ends up being intercepted.

Above all, the sixth-overall pick tends to hold onto the ball too long while he is the pocket. Jones will have to begin having an internal clock so he can get rid of the ball before the pass rush is able to strip the ball from him.

Once you have time to adjust to the NFL, quarterbacks learn that you no longer have plenty of time to create a play downfield. For the majority of plays, a quarterback only has three or fewer seconds to read the defense and get the ball to his receivers.

Along with his turnover issues, Jones can begin to become even more involved as a leader. In most instances, a rookie quarterback can be skeptical of being vocal when he first joins the roster.

As for Jones, it seems that Jones has commanded the respect of his teammates and it seems they have reciprocated that back. Moving forward, Jones can continue to grow by continuing to rally the offense behind him.

Luckily for Jones, there are already natural leaders in New York’s locker room in Saquon Barkley and Golden Tate. Even with those guys, the young signal-caller can continue his ascension into being the player everyone on the team listens to intently.

With those improvements, Jones’ potential for the Giants will grow tremendously. The boos that rang out during the 2019 NFL Draft will continue to be drowned out with his impressive play on and off of the field.