Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson continues to electrify TV screens all across the country with his dual threat ability. Jackson is leading the Ravens to one of their best seasons in franchise history, but it didn't appear to look that way when he was taken with the last pick in the first round of the 2018 Draft.

That's right, Jackson was the last pick of the first round, and wasn't the first quarterback taken in the draft.

In three seasons at Louisville, Jackson threw for 9,043 yards and 69 touchdowns, as well as 4,132 rushing yards and 50 touchdowns.

Jackson won the Heisman Trophy in 2016 as a sophomore with 3,543 passing yards, 30 touchdowns, along with 1,571 rushing yards and 21 touchdowns.

But when Jackson entered his name into the 2018 NFL Draft pool, many questions and doubts began to arise about the speedy quarterback.

Is Jackson accurate? Does he rely too much on his legs? Is he at the right position?

According to his NFL Draft profile, Jackson was given a 5.91 grade with a chance to become an NFL starter. Some weaknesses listed on his profile included:

“Turnover total still too high. Highly inaccurate with throws on the move throughout the 2017 season. Makes targets work too hard. Flips it rather than throws it.”

Many of those questions made general managers and scouts do a double take on Jackson, looking at him through a tinted lens. It is widely known that Jackson was asked during pre-draft interviews if he was willing to play running back or wide receiver if he was drafted.

Jackson remained adamant on his position and there would be no wiggle room in the position he would play in the NFL. He is a quarterback.

With many in doubt of how his college success could translate to the NFL, draft night rolled around. Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield was taken with the first overall pick, then came USC quarterback Sam Darnold to the Jets at three, followed by Josh Allen at seven to the Buffalo Bills. Lastly, Josh Rosen was taken by the Arizona Cardinals at 10.

Meanwhile, Jackson waited in the green room with his mother by his side as teams selected others around him. Finally, Jackson got the call from Baltimore.

Jackson started seven games for the Ravens during his rookie season, throwing for 1,201 yards, six touchdowns, and three interceptions.

Now, Jackson is one of the best players at his position with 2,532 passing yards, 959 rushing yards and 32 total touchdowns. One of the favorites to win MVP, Jackson and the Ravens hold the top place in the AFC and don't look to be slowing down any time soon.

Jackson is one of the feel-good stories in the league, from being doubted in his upbringing to the NFL, to being one of the leagues most exciting and brightest stars. It will only be a matter of time until Jackson signs a massive contract.

Lamar Jackson is still young in his career and will have a tough time getting used to changing defenses as teams begin to gather film and attempt to slow him down. But for now, Jackson, Baltimore, and the NFL are set for a while.