The How to Train Your Dragon series is arguably one of the most beloved animated film franchises of the 2010s, with three feature films, various shorts, and three spin-off TV series. It is now poised to make the jump from animation to live action with the 2025 reboot, which appears to be making strong progress according to the film's director.

Dean DeBlois confirmed on his Instagram that filming for the live action reboot has wrapped after “85 intense days” in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He also shared a first look at the Book of Dragons, or Dragon Manual, that all residents of Berk have so they can be prepared for any altercation with a dragon.

“What a journey!” DeBlois said in the post. “I’ve loved every minute!”

Alongside DreamWorks Animation, DeBlois has been involved with How to Train Your Dragon from the very beginning as he directed the original 2010 animated film. He would return to direct its sequels, How to Train Your Dragon 2 and The Hidden World, all of which would earn nominations for Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards.

DeBlois isn't the only familiar name returning for the live action reboot, either, as Gerard Butler will be returning to bring Stoick the Vast, Berk's leader and Hiccup's father, from animation to reality. Butler appeared in all three films as the brave, but sometimes stubborn, Viking leader who spent most of his life battling dragons before befriending them.

The rest of the cast, though, will be comprised of new names and faces to the franchise.

This is Berk

Mason Thames will be stepping in as the film's version of Hiccup, who was previously voiced by Jay Baruchel in the animated films, shorts, and TV series. Thames, himself, is still a relatively new name who appeared in the series For All Mankind and Walker before his breakout role in the Scott Derrickson-directed horror film The Black Phone, opposite Ethan Hawke.

Taking over as Astrid from America Ferrara will be another relative newcomer, Nico Parker, who made her feature film debut in the 2019 live action adaptation of Dumbo, directed by Tim Burton. However, most audiences may recognize her from her brief but impactful role as Sarah, Joel's daughter, in HBO's live action adaptation of The Last of Us.

Nico Parker and Mason Thames with How to Train Your Dragon logo.

Rounding out the principle cast is Nick Frost as Berk's blacksmith, teacher, and longtime friend to Stoick and Hiccup, Gobber the Belch. Gobber was previously voiced by comedian, actor, and longtime The Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson across all three films and the 2019 holiday special Homecoming.

How to Train Your Dragon's live action reboot is expected to largely follow the plot of the original animated film, itself loosely based on the 2003 book of the same name.

How to Train Your Dragon is scheduled to release in theater on June 13, 2025.