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Video: Ice Cube issues challenge to LaVar Ball for 10 pairs of ZO2s

Ice Cube, BIG3

As his Big3 league is continuing its buildup before kicking off on June 25, Ice Cube showed off that he can knock down a 30-foot shot, which will be part of the new league’s scoring and will be equivalent to four points. He took to his Twitter account and posted a video of him where he made it look easy to score from that distance.

However, that wasn’t the only thing that stood out in his post, as he also called out LaVar Ball and issued a challenge to him. The rapper and actor wanted Ball to try out the four-point shot, and if he makes it, Ice Cube will purchase 10 pairs of the ZO2s.

Although his challenge can be considered a marketing stunt and an act to get more attention to the Big3 league, it will still be fun to see LaVar Ball accept the offer, especially with all the headlines he’s been making for his outlandish claims and hyping of his sons. If he accepts the four-point challenge and makes it, not only will he sell 10 more pairs of the Big Baller Brand kicks, but he can also backup some of his statements in the past about his basketball skills.

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