Professional players who compete in the tournaments are usually at the forefront of gaming’s richest list. But there are live-streaming celebrities who could actually match the earnings and net worth of the most successful pros. One of these is Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana. A prolific streamer, The Rolling Stones regarded him as the “World’s Biggest League of Legends (LOL) Streamer.”

Successful career shift

Born on February 21, 1992, Imaqtpie started out with Team Dignitas at the age of 19. While he initially had moderate success with the team in minor tournaments, his time with Team Dignitas never led to a major title. Success out of reach, Imaqtpie left Team Dignitas in 2014. Since then, apart from a short stint with Delta Fox in 2017, he poured all his effort into streaming.

This shift in career may have been the best decision he’s ever made. Ever since he left the professional scene, Imaqtpie made more money than he ever did in tournaments. His personality is more fit for streaming than competing, after all. Imaqtpie’s popularity boomed as soon as he made streaming his focus. He was also able to differentiate himself from other streamers. From his taste in music (rap is one of his favorites, a rare taste among LOL streamers), to his humorous nature, Imaqtpie’s demeanor endeared him to his audience. He’s also a prankster, coining the popular Twitch term “Raise your dongers”, a popular meme still used on Twitch chats everywhere.

As can be seen in his 2017 return to competitive gaming, Imaqtpie still has the desire to play competitively. He was even approached once by Team Liquid, but he turned down the offer. His three-year experience taught him his strengths and weaknesses. He knew that he’s better off playfully interacting with fans on-stream than under intense pressure in tournaments. Yiliang Peter “Doublelift” Peng, a friendly rival of Imaqtpie, later takes up Team Liquid’s offer. Imaqtpie inadvertently made a perfect match for Doublelift and Team Liquid. His refusal to return to the pro scene led to one of LOL’s most prolific careers, as Doublelift elevated Team Liquid throughout his three years with the team.

Imaqtpie’s net worth in 2020: Over $8 million

Imaqtpie never reveals his earnings publicly, so getting an actual figure for his net worth is a bit tricky. Different calculations can be made to arrive at a figure, but we can only estimate his actual net worth.

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While his tournament earnings during his time as a professional LOL player can’t be scoffed at, it pales in comparison to his streaming income. Throughout his three-year career with Team Dignitas, Imaqtpie won over $30,000 in match earnings. However, the bulk of his wealth comes from his streaming, not from tournament winnings.

In a 2017 interview with Rolling Stones, his then-management agency Everyday Influencers cited that he earns over $2 million a year from streaming alone. This alone will bring his net worth to over $8 million in 2020. Of course, this is assuming that his earnings remained consistent over the years, which is highly unlikely. He currently has 2.7 million followers on Twitch, and through subscriptions, Easycowork estimates his monthly earning from Twitch stands at $328,000 a month.

Aside from streaming, Imaqtpie also earns revenue from sponsorships. With a continuously growing subscription base, his monthly earnings will only continue to increase. With that, his net worth may easily pass the eight-digit mark by next year.