Inter Miami owner David Beckham is on Cloud nine at the moment. For a guy who was battered and bruised for being bottom of the MLS table, even he couldn't have imagined Lionel Messi's impact on his team. Inter Miami clinched their first-ever Leagues Cup trophy against Nashville on penalties. However, it was the former Manchester United playmaker's reaction that attracted the headlines worldwide.

Beckham has never hid the fact that he's a huge fan of Messi. The former Real Madrid man was the main architect of the World Cup winner's move to Inter Miami this summer. In an exciting moment captured during the match, Beckham (despite seeing it all from Messi through the years) was left short of words watching Messi's talent. However, the former Manchester United's man celebrations were quickly halted by his wife, Victoria Beckham.

The moment is trending on various social media outlets as Beckham is out of his seat, celebrating and screaming with joy. However, Victoria quickly came to the scene and told her husband to calm down. After a few moments of excitement, the Inter Miami chief quickly contained his excitement and sat back in his seat again. Despite containing his excitement, he couldn't stop sharing a smile after what he had seen from Messi.

The smile on Beckham's face was there throughout the 120 minutes. The former Manchester United man couldn't contain his excitement when he saw the Argentine World Cup winner go to the podium, collect his winner's medal and lift the Leagues Cup trophy. It is the 44th trophy of Messi's career and the first with Inter Miami.