Inter Miami‘s Lionel Messi faces a challenging decision as the summer approaches, torn between potential participation in the Copa America and the Olympics, following a warning from coach Gerardo Martino, reported by GOAL.

Messi, the Argentina captain, is in contention for both tournaments. While Under 23s coach Javier Mascherano has greenlit Messi's involvement in the Olympics in Paris, the Copa America in the United States poses a conflicting schedule, forcing the star player to make a crucial choice.

Inter Miami's Tata Martino shed light on the dilemma during a press interaction, using Paraguayan player Diego Gomez as an example. Martino emphasized the need for players to prioritize one tournament over the other, stating, “[Gomez] has the Copa America and the Olympic Games. We know that we have to give him to the Copa, and not to the Games, we communicate; I have many friends there [in Paraguay's FA] and I told them to choose only one.”

Martino, while expressing his support for national teams, highlighted the potential disruption caused by a player being away for more than two months due to the proximity of the Copa America and Olympics. The balance between international duties and club commitments, especially with the upcoming 2024 MLS season, remains a delicate issue for Inter Miami.

Fellow Argentine Angel Di Maria and goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez are also facing similar decisions. Di Maria prefers the Copa America for his final tournament in an Argentina shirt, while Martinez expresses his desire to compete in Paris. As fans await Lionel Messi's decision, he remains focused on Inter Miami's opening game in the upcoming MLS season against Real Salt Lake. The summer holds a crucial juncture for Messi, as he navigates the complexities of representing his country amidst club responsibilities.

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