Oftentimes, the initial wave of hype surrounding something can quickly die down. That's just the nature of this social media world. Everyone moves onto the next viral and noteworthy topic. Three weeks after officially signing with MLS club Inter Miami, excitement is still sky-high for Lionel Messi in the United States.

Messi mania is reaching new heights for the Argentine superstar's first game outside of Miami. The squad is traveling to Texas for a Round of 16 matchup in the Leagues Cup against FC Dallas. Those who were considering making the trip to Toyota Stadium are unfortunately out of luck, though, as tickets sold out in 10 minutes, per ESPN FC.

The madness rages on. As expected, Messi has been a box office bonanza for American soccer. Fans who might have preferred to just watch their favorite MLS team at home or more casually, are eagerly taking advantage of the opportunity to witness a living legend up close. The buzz is palpable and is not wearing off.

The 2022 World Cup champion is certainly doing his part on that front by maintaining a dominant level of play since he first stepped onto the pitch for Inter Miami. Lionel Messi scored two goals in Wednesday's 3-1 victory over Orlando City to lead his team to the next stage of the Leagues Cup. Dallas will present a much tougher challenge, but by the looks of it, he should have plenty of crowd support. Even in so-called “hostile territory.”

It remains to be seen how long this nationwide craze can last. Are people flocking to stadiums to cross off an item on their bucket list, or is Messi having a transcendent impact on the sport's long-term popularity in the country. It will take a while to answer that question, but nothing should prevent the MLS and their fans from enjoying all of the bedlam in the present time.