Lionel Messi joined Inter Miami back in July and he has completely changed the perception of the squad. Inter Miami was struggling before Messi's arrival, and they now look like one of the best team in the MLS and have been on a tear since he showed up. Since Messi joined Inter Miami, the team is 10-0-1, and Messi has given his club attention that has never been seen in the MLS. Soccer is not as popular in the United States as it is in other countries, but everyone wants to see Messi play. Not only is it cool for the fans, but it is also cool for opposing MLS players who get to go up against one of the all-time soccer legends. Even if he makes them look silly while they try to defend him, it's still a cool experience. Just ask Charlotte FC midfielder Scott Arfield.

“I tried to tackle him and he made me cuddle my team-mate,” Scott Arfield said according to an article from The Athletic. “There’s context to that. I’d been running about trying to get a touch and he had been standing still.”

Lionel Messi will do that to defenders. He's one of the best to play the game. Even though Messi fooled him pretty good, Arfield still enjoyed playing against him and Inter Miami.

“He just waits in pockets and then when he gets the ball, he can manipulate it at full speed,” Arfield continued. “He can completely switch it on from 0 to 100. Playing against Messi, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba was incredible. Messi was sublime, Busquets phenomenal. Our game plan was to stop Busquets getting it as he averages the most passes to Messi, but he’s that intelligent he takes you into areas and opens it up for someone else.”

Messi will continue to garner a lot of praise from MLS opponents during his time with Inter Miami. Watching the rest of his time in this league is sure to be a treat.