Ivica Zubac, Brandon Ingram are looking to dominate Summer League
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Ivica Zubac, Brandon Ingram are looking to dominate Summer League

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After getting a great deal of experience under their belts in their first season in the NBA, Los Angeles Lakers rookies Ivica Zubac and Brandon Ingram will look to have a productive summer and continue improving their respective games. The two are planning to see action in the Summer League, where they believe they can dominate the competition and prove that they’re already playing at a higher level.

When asked about how he expects to fare in Las Vegas, the 20-year-old Croatian international is once again confident that he’ll have a successful stint there, as he admitted, via Mark Medina of the Orange County Register, that last year’s experience was an easy one for him.

“Last summer league was easy for me. I think I’m going to do just fine. There’s a lot of experience. I think next summer league I’m going to dominate.”

Zubac is not the only Laker with a lot of confidence heading to the summer as Ingram went as far as saying he can average 40 points and show everyone that his game has matured by leaps and bounds.

“Ingram boastfully predicted he will average 40 points in summer league while Zubac will average 30.”

“This summer league will be a lot easier. I want to show a big jump in how my game progressed over the year. It’s another big jump this offseason. I’ll try to go in and show a little bit of what’s going to happen next season.”

Although it remains to be seen how good the two will be in the Summer League, their soaring confidence could definitely work wonders and help them stay true to their word. Should they be able to indeed dominate, it will only make them better and prepare them even more for next season’s grind, where the Lakers will look to win more games and speed up their rebuilding process.

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