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J.J. Watt fires not-so-subtle shot at Lonzo Ball, Big Baller Brand to promote his Reebok line

If you think football players are mad about the massive contracts the NBA has been doling out this summer, imagine how mad they are that a rookie has a $495 pair of shoes on the market.

Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt was quick to point it out and promote the release of his own Reebok-branded shoes by saying not only are they $400 cheaper than Lonzo Ball‘s Big Baller Brand, but that he also wears them in-game — after several episodes of the UCLA product wearing alternate brands during games and workouts.

Surely a great way to promote the release of his own brand and the more customer-friendly price tag in them.

The market will be patiently waiting for that sales report, J.J.

Wait, Reebok still makes shoes?…