Manchester United star Jadon Sancho might be facing some awkward moments soon. The talented winger has bought a beautiful new mansion just around the corner from his manager, Erik ten Hag. This comes after a rocky season between the two, which led to Sancho being loaned out to Borussia Dortmund.

Earlier this season, there was a big clash between Sancho and Ten Hag. The trouble started in September when Sancho, who is 24 years old, was dropped from the squad for a game against Arsenal. Ten Hag accused Sancho of having a poor attitude in training. Sancho did not take this lightly. He responded with a furious statement on Instagram, accusing Ten Hag of making him a “scapegoat.” This heated exchange led to Sancho being completely left out of the team. By January, he was sent on loan to Dortmund.

Manchester’s New Neighbors With Old Tensions

Despite the tension, Sancho bought a £3.8 million mansion in Hale, Greater Manchester, close to ten Hag’s home. The luxurious five-bedroom house features an indoor swimming pool, a cinema room, and a large open-plan kitchen, living room, and dining area. While the house is still under construction, Sancho visited the property recently.

A source mentioned that Sancho and Ten Hag have strong opinions about their fallout. Ten Hag believes Sancho should apologize, while Sancho feels he has been treated unfairly and has nothing to apologize for. Their professional relationship was already strained, and now, living so close to each other might lead to some uncomfortable encounters on the street.

Sancho's time at Manchester United could have been smoother. He joined the club in the summer of 2021 with high expectations. However, he has struggled to find his form at Old Trafford. The pressure of the Premier League, high expectations, and the hefty £73 million transfer fee have not made things easy for him.

His loan to Borussia Dortmund allowed him to get back to playing regularly and regain his confidence. At Dortmund, Sancho has had the opportunity to rediscover the form that made him one of Europe's most exciting young talents. The Bundesliga club has provided him the environment to play freely and contribute significantly on the pitch.

Sancho is set to play for Dortmund in the upcoming Champions League final against Real Madrid on June 1. This could be a significant opportunity for him to shine on a big stage and remind everyone of his talent. A strong performance in such a crucial match could boost his confidence and increase his market value, giving him more options for his future.

Sancho's future with Manchester United remains uncertain as his loan deal ends at the close of the season. Will he return and find a way to mend his relationship with Ten Hag, or will he seek a permanent move away from Old Trafford? The decision will be crucial for his career and Manchester United, as they will need to resolve whether Sancho can fit into ten Hag’s plans moving forward.

For now, Manchester residents might witness unexpected interactions between the star player and his manager. Whether they will resolve their issues or keep their distance remains to be seen. But one thing is clear: Jadon Sancho’s new home in Hale adds an intriguing twist to his story with Manchester United and Erik ten Hag. Fans and observers alike will be keen to see how this proximity will affect their professional relationship and whether it will impact Sancho's future at the club.