Brandon McManus was recently accused by a pair of flight attendants on the Jacksonville Jaguars' September 28th flight to London of sexual assault, and it's safe to say that this case could result in some big punishments for McManus. And with new details of the case coming to light, it looks like the Jaguars could now find themselves in some hot water as well.

The Jags were initially included in the suit, as they were alleged to have allowed McManus to act in this inappropriate behavior on their own flight. New details have emerged, though, indicating that alcohol was present on this flight, which is an issue for Jacksonville because if that ends up being true, that is a violation of the NFL's policies, which could result in the team finding themselves in quite a bit of trouble.

“The complaint uses the word ‘drinking' or ‘drink' three times, and the clear implication is that it wasn’t water. Moreover, it’s our understanding that witnesses will say alcohol was brought by Jaguars players onto the plane. This becomes a problem for the Jaguars because alcohol is strictly prohibited, by league policy, on team property or during team travel.” – Mike Florio, ProFootballTalk

Brandon McManus' sexual assault case takes eye-opening turn

Jacksonville Jaguars place kicker Brandon McManus (10) kicks a 40-yard field goal against the Houston Texans in the first quarter at NRG Stadium.
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Initially, it seemed like the Jaguars being included in this suit was just a formality. But as noted above, allowing alcohol onto team flights is prohibited by the NFL, so not only do they have to worry about this case involving their former kicker, but now the league could hand down punishments for them if they were found to have broken this rule.

McManus is no longer a member of the Jaguars, as he ended up signing with the Washington Commanders over the offseason. However, since this incident occurred during the 2023 campaign, which he spent with Jacksonville, they now have found themselves involved in a messy situation. And if they were allowing players to bring alcohol on these flights, that wouldn't exactly help as they try to prove they had no role in McManus' actions.

Both McManus and the Jaguars were already in hot water, but this recent revelation creates a new issue that both the player and the team have to worry about. As if this situation wasn't already messy enough, there may be a whole different issue that has arisen from this flight that creates more problems for McManus and the Jaguars to worry about.

This is a big twist in a case that many football fans were already paying attention to, and it remains to be seen where it will go from here. It's clear, though, that McManus and the Jaguars could very well be in trouble, and if more details continue to come to light in regards to this case, chances are it won't paint either of them in a better light.