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Jaguars among teams to ‘previously express interest’ in signing Devonta Freeman

Devonta Freeman remains in free agency and he may have to wait until the regular season to find a new place to call home. Despite the lack of inquiries he’s received this offseason, the Jacksonville Jaguars were reportedly among the teams to previously express interest in signing Freeman.

The Jacksonville Jaguars were a team expected to add another running back due to the uncertainty surrounding Leonard Fournette’s future with the team. And NFL Network’s Mike Silver revealed that the Jaguars once considered bringing in Freeman.

Earlier this offseason, Freeman turned down a contract offer from the Seattle Seahawks. After Freeman chose not to join Seattle, the Seahawks signed veteran Carlos Hyde instead.

At the same time, the Jaguars inked a deal with Chris Thompson. Thompson has previous experience with Jay Gruden, who is Jacksonville’s new offensive coordinator.

Before the 2020 NFL Draft, there were rumblings that the Jaguars could trade Fournette. However, Jacksonville was unable to find any suitors for the former first-round pick. On the other hand, Freeman has been unable to find a new team this offseason.

Seeing that Freeman is looking for a specific price, it was reported that he could sit out the 2020 season. Obviously his price appears to be too steep for the Jaguars and other teams to feel comfortable signing him.

As of this moment, it seems unlikely that Freeman is going to sign a contract in the near future. But while he continues to wait for offers, him joining the Jaguars next season almost became a reality.