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Jaguars pulled out all the stops before deciding on Trevor Lawrence in 2021 NFL Draft

Jaguars, Urban Meyer, 2021 NFL Draft, Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence has been the projected No. 1 pick for months on end. But the Jacksonville Jaguars wanted to be absolutely, positively sure he was their guy heading into Thursday’s NFL draft.

James Palmer of NFL Network reported the Jags asked all sorts of questions of the top quarterback prospects during the evaluation process. This included each guy’s approach to “sports science” and physical maintenance.

Jaguars general manager Trent Baalke told Palmer the team “did not find a single negative” in their evaluation of Lawrence, from the character to the intangibles and physical abilities.

Team owner Shahid Khan also got on Zoom calls to speak to Lawrence personally throughout the draft process, per Palmer.

It certainly does not hurt for a team to do its due diligence ahead of the draft, even when it comes to a highly-touted prospect like Lawrence. Realistically, though, there was almost no scenario in which the Jaguars took another quarterback.

Lawrence is one of the best quarterback prospects in years. He has built hype as a future No. 1 pick since his freshman season at Clemson, and improved upon that foundation during a stellar three-year career with the Tigers. Evaluators might debate whether Lawrence is “generational” talent, but practically all agree he is the best quarterback in the class.

That means quite a bit to a Jaguars organization that has long desired a true franchise quarterback. Jacksonville is apparently every bit as enamored with Lawrence’s makeup as it is with his football ability.

Only a matter of time before the Jags make things official.