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Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey still not practicing ahead of Week 5 due to back injury

jalen ramsey

Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey is a probable no-show against the Carolina Panthers after injuring his back. However, fans cannot help but see a sinister side to this injury report considering everything that’s happening behind the scenes.

Ian Rapoport confirmed in a recent tweet that Ramsey may not be able to play for the team due to an injury to his back. His hamstring is also reportedly acting up.

It’s no secret to every football fan that Ramsey wants out of the Jaguars. He requested a trade ahead of their Week 3 game against the Tennessee Titans, but the team didn’t allow it. They played him in that game, adamant that they will not trade the man they selected fifth overall in the 2016 Draft.

If the Jaguars wanted to, they would have gotten a lot from a trade involving the two-time Pro Bowler. The Philadelphia Eagles are the team at the front of all the Ramsey-related rumors, and they are reportedly willing to trade assets to acquire the corner.

Moreover, they were apparently offered two first-round draft picks in exchange for Ramsey’s services. However, the Jaguars shot down the offer. It seems that the Jaguars will be looking to keep him until the end of the season.

With the two camps not agreeing on terms, it seems that Ramsey’s only move at this point is to declare himself unable to play due to injury. While back injuries are serious affairs and should not be taken lightly, the drama surrounding him does nothing but smear doubt on the entire situation.

The fans can only hope that the saga ends amicably and the team somehow convinces him to stay. However, it’s more than likely that he’ll be shipped off before October ends.