Just when things didn't seem like they can't get any worse for the Jacksonville Jaguars, James Robinson has now left the field. Robinson was seen grabbing his ankle following a non-contact injury.

This is horrible news for the Jaguars as non-contact injuries are usually the ones that cause the most damage. It is a torn Achilles injury but hopefully, it is not an Achilles tear that is serious and will keep him out for a year. If the Jaguars want to have any success next season, they're certainly going to need Robinson there. He has been about the only bright spot on the entire Jaguars team and not having him there is certainly going to hurt this team even more than they already have been.

On the season, Robinson is putting up impressive numbers. He has 161 rushes for 757 yards and eight touchdowns. The Jaguars have obviously not looked good at all this season but losing Robinson would be the worst thing that has happened to them all year.

Jacksonville is currently taking on the New York Jets in a game that they can definitely walk away with a win in. They're currently down at 6-3 but it is still early on in this contest and there's a lot of football left to be played.

The Jaguars might decide to lose his game on purpose so they can get a higher draft pick because there are clearly areas that the team needs to improve on. Now with the thought of losing James Robinson, there are even more questions.