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Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette promises he’ll be around

Jacksonville Jaguars rookie running back Leonard Fournette has missed a bunch of games. First it was due to injury. However, at least last week, it was due to reasons that had nothing to do with the dynamic back’s health. Instead, it was because he missed a team photo and a variety of other issues that were non-health related.

How his absence could have hurt a Jaguars franchise having a realistic shot to make the playoffs this season has not been lost on Leonard Fournette.

“Want to apologize to everyone for last week and make sure our stadium is pack this weekend and yes I will be there on time,” Fournette said on Twitter, via Michael DiRocco of ESPN.com.

The rookie also expressed contrition for the actions that led to his absence.

“Man one of the best and most difficult lessons you can learn in life is that no one owes you anything and you owe yourself everything,” Fournette said.

Listen, we can make fun of him for only being apologetic after getting in trouble, but at least he is saying the “right” things. It could have been much worse, as players sometimes double-down on things like this, especially when the franchise they play for isn’t known for success.

Fournette is expected to be ready for the remainder of the season. The silver lining in this otherwise gloomy cloud is that, when you couple his deactivation game with missing some others due to injury, he should be fresh for the final playoff push.