Jake Paul and Nate Diaz faced off in a highly-anticipated boxing match in Dallas on August 5th. The fight generated a lot of buzz in the combat sports world, with fans and pundits alike eager to see how the matchup would play out.

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Leading up to the fight, both Jake Paul and Nate Diaz engaged in a war of words on social media and in interviews. Diaz, a veteran of the UFC, was making his boxing debut in the matchup against Paul, who had previously faced off against other combat sports athletes in the boxing ring.

The fight between Paul and Diaz was a back-and-forth affair, with both fighters landing significant strikes throughout the bout. Diaz showcased his boxing skills, landing several clean shots on Paul and showcasing his technical abilities. However, Paul was able to weather the storm and land some significant shots of his own even sitting down Diaz in the 5th round but he did recover and battled back.

In the end, the fight went to a decision, with Jake Paul securing a unanimous decision victory over Nate Diaz. This fight showed a lot about both fighters. Paul showed his evolution as a professional boxer, a younger Paul in this sport would have gassed out going for the knockout shots early but he kept his composure and never overexerted himself. As for Diaz, he showed what he has shown throughout his entire combat sports career and that is his resilience and the will to never back down from a fight. He also had his moments that had Paul shaken during the fight.

After the fight, Jake Paul was interviewed by Ariel Helwani and Paul stated that he wants to “Run it back in MMA”. Helwani asked about the $10 Million offer if that is still on the table and Paul replied “I want $10 Million Dollars PFL, that’s the offer. Let’s run it back in MMA, make it fair. I won one, now it is your [Nate Diaz] chance in your home territory MMA, let’s do it.”

Helwani proceeds to interview Nate Diaz if he would take that offer with Nate Diaz responding with the most Diaz response that you can expect, “Let’s do it, I got a couple more with Real Fight Inc. with that, but uh, I was trying to but I had the single leg in the first in the choke in the ninth. So, I already won that battle.”

The Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz boxing match generated a lot of buzz in the combat sports world, with fans and pundits eager to see how the matchup would play out. It certainly delivered a ton of excitement for all of the fight fans around the world that tuned in to watch. Many have thought this fight was going to be an absolute joke or a circus but it was neither of the two, it was a highly skilled boxing match between two professional fighters and a fight between these two in MMA would do astronomical type numbers and we are all here to watch it go down!