Jazz news: Donovan Mitchell makes compelling case for Quin Snyder as Coach of the Year
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Donovan Mitchell makes case for Quin Snyder as Coach of the Year

donovan mitchell

Utah Jazz head coach Quin Snyder is a candidate for NBA Coach of the Year. As such, super rookie Donovan Mitchell shared why he believes his coach should win the award.

In his Twitter account, Mitchell posted:

He was referring to what critics said before the season and during the playoffs. To recall, Gordon Hayward went to the Boston Celtics in the offseason. This triggered several analysts to discount the Jazz’s chances. Without Hayward, they were left with a bunch of players whom they believe would not amount to much.

Yet as the season progressed, the Jazz were piling up the wins and before they knew it, they were headed to the playoffs, making it as far as the second round when they were eliminated by the Houston Rockets in five games.

It was a valiant effort from a team that only had a few big names. Apart from defensive stalwart Rudy Gobert, they only had a rookie in Donovan Mitchell and a few other support players. Snyder was able to make good use of these pieces.

Snyder will go up against Dwane Casey of the Toronto Raptors and Brad Stevens of the Boston Celtics. Casey is the top favorite to win the award as his [previous] team locked the best record in the East.

The 2018 NBA Awards will be held on Monday, June 25 at 9 p.m. ET. The winners will be based on voting results from a global panel of sportswriters and broadcasters.