Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell is done negotiating his rookie contract extension, and has since taken to the rules of UNO.

Mitchell had a funny interplay with the official UNO Twitter account over the past few days. It began when he sent out a poll asking whether players had to say “uno out” when playing the final card of their hand.

UNO responded by saying it is a “popular House Rule,” but not actually required.

The Jazz star disagreed, though he did so in humorous and cordial fashion. UNO returned the favor by saying they loved “Spida.”

It would seem calling “uno out” is proper etiquette in the Mitchell household. Regardless, Spida certainly cashed out this offseason.

Mitchell signed a max extension with the Jazz worth five-years and up to $195 million. He has quickly established himself as one of the best two-guards in the league and a franchise centerpiece in Utah.

In fact, Mitchell became the first rookie since Carmelo Anthony to lead a playoff team in scoring. He has only been more productive in each of the next two seasons, and just recently had a thrilling playoff showdown with Denver Nuggets guard Jamal Murray.

It was not always guaranteed the Jazz would extend Mitchell. He seemed to be surrounded by trade speculation following reports he and Utah center Rudy Gobert were at odds after Gobert became the first publicly known case of COVID-19 in the NBA. Gobert had reportedly showed recklessness in the Jazz locker room, something Mitchell—who himself tested positive one day later—did not appreciate.

However, Spida and Gobert have since mended any fractures in their relationship. The Jazz are hoping the two can make another leap in a reloaded Western Conference next year.