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Jazz star Donovan Mitchell reacts to Trae Young’s scary injury

Jazz, Donovan Mitchell, Trae Young, Hawks

The injury bug has been on an absolute tear this NBA season, and it claimed another victim in Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young. After hearing the news of the incident, Utah Jazz scorer Donovan Mitchell offered up prayers for his fellow All-Star.

Donovan Mitchell himself sustained an ankle injury last April 16 and is still sidelined. These types of ankle injuries are particularly dangerous for such dynamic guards, who rely on their craftiness and agility. Not having Mitchell is a tough blow for the Jazz, but losing Young would be devastating to the Hawks. Utah has built a deep roster with talent all around, but Young runs the show for the Hawks. Atlanta could struggle without his playmaking and shot creation.

Injuries are part of basketball, but they just seem to be so prevalent this season. Most of the blame is being placed on the compressed schedule of the games. Although there are fewer contests now, they are being played so close to one another and that does not even include the back-to-backs and travel the teams go through.

Some injuries like the one that happened to LeBron James, where a player made contact with his body, can happen anytime. However, others seem to come out of nowhere. Players that are known for their durability like James Harden, Damian Lillard and even the Jazz star are suddenly going down.

The wear-and-tear of this season is taking its toll on players–not only Donovan Mitchell and Trae Young–so it understandable why teams are being extra cautious with their personnel. After all, most of them are making a run at the playoffs or play-in tournament.