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VIDEO: Dwyane Wade caught sneaking Jazz’s Donovan Mitchell advice mid-game vs. Clippers

Donovan Mitchell Dwyane Wade Heat Jazz

Dwyane Wade, investor in the Utah Jazz franchise, snuck in some advice for his star player Donovan Mitchell in the middle of Game 1 against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Check out the brief moment that Wade shared with the Jazz guard here:

With the face mask, it’s obviously impossible to read Wade’s lips about what exactly he was trying to tell Mitchell. But given the hand gestures, he might have been telling the Jazz star to attack a certain matchup or get more aggressive at penetrating into the lane.

Spida Mitchell clearly got the message, as he looked to have said, “I gotchu,” after hearing the words of wisdom from Mr. Wade. Clearly, that moment sparked something in the Jazz talisman and their whole squad, as they turned that 4-point deficit into a 10-point lead in the middle of the 4th quarter.

Dwyane Wade’s emergence as a part owner of the Utah Jazz puzzled some fans as to why he’d choose them over the Miami Heat. The 3-time NBA champion responded in candid terms, revealing how it was truly a business decision.

Via report from GQ:

In the conversation, Wade was asked about why he chose Utah over an opportunity to own a piece of the Miami Heat where he played 15 of his 16 NBA seasons.

“My basketball career and my business career are two different things,” Wade told GQ. “We had a great relationship from a basketball standpoint. But for me, man, this was the best opportunity.”

Wade purchased a minority share in April after building a relationship with Smith whose purchase of the Jazz was announced in October.

“Ryan is 42 years old and I’m 39,” Wade said. “He’s in a business and space in tech that I want to one day get in and learn more about. And I know what I can bring to the table from a basketball standpoint and he sees my values. It just was the right fit.”

Dwyane Wade’s Utah Jazz have their work cut out for them in their seven-game series against the Clippers.