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Quin Snyder ‘never’ thought about tanking during 2017-18 NBA season

Quin Snyder, Jazz

When the NBA season began, the Utah Jazz had a dismal outlook. Quin Snyder and the organization was starting life without their franchise player Gordon Hayward, who left in free agency to join the Boston Celtics.

With Hayward leaving and Rudy Gobert suffering an injury in November, it seemed as though Utah’s goose was cooked just a month into the season. But with just a couple weeks left, they are seventh in the Western Conference. Gobert is back and Snyder is getting some Coach of the Year consideration.

With the early trials and tribulations of the team, it would make sense if Snyder or the organization had thought of tanking the season in order to get a draft pick. But Snyder “never” gave any thought to that, per Chris Mannix of Yahoo Sports.

“That’s just not how we do things. There was never any kind of suggestion of that. In the larger picture, we’re finding out who we are. This experience right now, having to compete for a spot, there is value in that. Things might happen — you can’t take anything for granted. The result ultimately isn’t the only reflection of where you are. The goal for me is to continue to improve. Not X wins, or how many in a row, but how can we keep getting better. It’s how we started the beginning of the year. It’s how we are now. We aren’t overthinking it.”

Utah is not going to win the title this year, or even make it to the NBA Finals. But what is happening with the team right now is good for morale and development moving forward.

It also makes the Jazz a viable destination for free agents in the future. The team has a lot of talent and a good coach. The playoff run will help with that as well.